Friction free Rotary union

 These Friction free rotary unions, are specially developed for long life operation with high speed rotation.

 Sealing is achieved by a reduced clearance between a tube in rotation inside a stationary hole.

Advantages of this patented principle:

  • No friction = No wear, no maintenance
  • Long  life time
  • Reduced driving torque
  • Can be used at high rotation speed
  • No need for lubrication

 JC-1-1-M  (Ø 6.4 mm) JC-1-1-A (Ø 9 mm) JC 1-1 MN (for installation inside a shaft).

Manufacturing :

 Housing in aluminium or brass, shaft in chromed steel or stainless steel. Construction with two bearings.

Technical data:

Single input/ output line


Passage diameter (mm) :

4 / 6,4 / 9

Max. pressure with compressed air :

9 bar

Max. pressure with other fluids :

50 bar

Min. vacuum :

-0,95 bar

Max. rotation speed :

3500 rpm

Note: The technical design can give a light leakage (depending on fluid nature).

Range of products :








Ø input (Dp)

4 mm

6,4 mm

9 mm

Ø input (De)


M10 x 1

M16 x 1,5

Ø output (Ds)


M12 x 1,5


Dimensions (D x L)

28,5 x 86 mm

36 x 121.5 mm

45 x 115 mm

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