Multi passage rotary union with integrated slip ring.

 A multi passage rotary Union  is a machine element, making it possible to feed  several mediums (compressed air, water, cooling fluids, vacuum...) from a stationary line into a rotating machine section.


In combined version,  One multi circuits slip ring is integrated on the rotary union (for electrical power, signals...).

More about integrated slip rings


Technical data

Number of fluid passages

1 to 12

Max. pesssure

Medium pressure type: <50 bar

High pressure type: > 50 bar

Passage diameters (for fluids)

4 to 20 mm

Slip ring: number of circuits (2 or 10 Amps - 240 V)

6 to 36


Made with stainless steel

Mixt system:  fluid circuits + electrical signals

2 types of multi-passage rotary unions:

  • For vacuum and pressure < 50 bars : JR serie
  • For pressure up to 300 bars: JG serie

JR 2-2  Ø 18 mm


JR serie (Ø 4mm) low pressure


JG 6-6 High pressure



Housing in anodised aluminium or bronze, shaft in  chromed steel or stainless steel. Shaft mounted on two bearings.



High level of sealing:

Can be used with venturi pumps installed before the rotary joint.

Integration with an MCPI indexing table T50 SC:




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